Blacksmith to Affiliate Marketing

From blacksmithing to affiliate marketing an accidentally side hussle.

It has taken me more than 3 months to make a post that I believe would help others. As my title says I am a qualified Blacksmith, that makes me a steel person not only that, I work with hot steel.

This is my journey to how I became an affiliate marketer. It all started when I had a contract of data that I couldn’t finish in a month.So I had data and didn’t know how to use, so I would just go online that’s when I discovered that taking surveys pays.

Intially I didn’t know you get rewarded for taking surveys, I was just doing it, just for fun .It actually took me 6 months to realise I was being rewarded for the surveys and I cashed my points and bought some kitchen utensils which you can buy at Amazon.

As time went on I started seeing people talking about making money online and many videos on YouTube. The problem is YouTubers most of them make it look like it’s so easy, but it isn’t.

As they say there is nothing like easy money or as my mother used to say, if you find yourself making easy money there is a law enforcement officer behind you there is nothing like easy money.

I would try all what I saw online and YouTube but I came up with nothing. After several tries I gave up on the YouTube hype and did my surveys as a hobby and was happy when I redeemed my points. But something at the back of my mind kept telling me there is money to be made online.

Covid came and we went to lockdown. Instead of panicking, I said to myself, instead of binging on TV, let me use this time during lockdown to find out more about making money online.

My oh my I discovered it wasn’t as easy as what they claim and I actually realised I had signed for other affiliate marketing programs like Offerforge. You can actually sign up HERE it’s very easy to join them.

I started reading and watching YouTube videos and in the process I learnt YouTubers give you good advice and at the same time they are making money the more subscribers they have, if only most of them would be honest about it and tell people it’s not easy trying online business.

As I said this is my first blog  I hope have assisted someone about the reality of online business. I hope on the next piece I would tell you about my journey which I am with affiliate marketing which I call my accidentally side hussle.